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Secure Power provides quality generator solutions from reputable world leading manufacturers, such as JCB, Scania, Volvo, MTU, Cummins and many others.



UPS are essential for conditioning incoming power to protect sensitive electrical equipment, in the event of a utility mains failure. UPS provide short-term emergency power, usually just enough time to initiate a graceful system shutdown. However, many key industries (such as banking, healthcare and data centres) rely on 24/7 operation, meaning a graceful shutdown in the event of power disruptions is not an option. So, what happens in the event of a prolonged power outage? – This is where Standby Generators come in.

If designed correctly, and installed alongside a suitable UPS solution, a standby generator can offer indefinite emergency backup power should your grid electricity supply fail. When mains power fails, the UPS batteries will instantly take over and “bridge the gap” whilst the generator starts up and reaches synchronisation. Once up to speed, the generator will take over, and the UPS will return to “normal” mode. The UPS will then continue to condition the fluctuations in voltage/frequency that can occur whilst run on generator power, to ensure sensitive critical equipment remains protected.

There are many factors to consider when designing the optimum standby generator package for your business, factors such as physical sizing of the generator and integration with existing electrical infrastructure, to ongoing preventive maintenance and fuel management. Secure Power offers a full turn-key generator solution, from initial design consultation to annual proactive maintenance and support packages. Contact our sales team to find out how we can assist with your generator design.

Already have a generator installed? Visit our generator maintenance page to see how we can help bring peace of mind that your system is up to the task when needed.

Generators in action

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is a local government body responsible for coordinating transport services throughout Greater Manchester. Their organisation needs to be protected from any possible power cuts or disturbances because, without power, TfGM wouldn’t control transportation, which would lead to unprecedented disruption.