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Enhancing Power Resilience for Pricecheck

In an era where power continuity is paramount for businesses, having a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system is not just a luxury but a necessity.

In an era where power continuity is paramount for businesses, having a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system is not just a luxury but a necessity.

In November 2022, Pricecheck, a renowned global wholesaler and distributor, found itself at a crossroads. As a company that has built its reputation on reliability and timely delivery, ensuring uninterrupted power to its operations was paramount. With the rapid evolution of technology and the increasing demands of the global market, it became evident to Pricecheck's management that their existing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) infrastructure was outdated and posed potential risks to their business continuity.

The company's existing UPS systems, acquired over various periods, were a mix of different brands, capacities, and ages. Some of these systems were nearing the end of their life cycle. Others were not optimised for the current operational demands. This patchwork of UPS systems led to inefficiencies, potential downtimes, and increased maintenance costs.

Recognising the urgency and potential impact on business operations, Pricecheck's management decided it was time for a change. They needed a partner who could provide expert advice, a comprehensive assessment of their current setup, and solutions tailored to their specific needs. After thorough market research and considering various service providers, Pricecheck turned to Secure Power, known for its expertise in providing resilient power solutions.

Secure Power's reputation for delivering bespoke solutions and its track record of working with industry leaders made it the obvious choice for Pricecheck. The collaboration marked a journey to overhaul Pricecheck's UPS infrastructure, ensuring that the company could continue to deliver on its promises to its global clientele without any power interruptions.


Project Overview


To conduct a comprehensive UPS health check across two of Pricecheck's sites, evaluate the current state of their UPS systems, and provide tailored solutions to enhance their power backup infrastructure.


Pricecheck approached Secure Power after identifying inconsistencies in their UPS systems. They had accumulated a diverse range of UPS units over the years, leading to a mismatched estate that had never undergone a holistic review.

About Pricecheck:

Sheffield-based Pricecheck is a leading global wholesaler and distributor of fast-moving consumer goods. They work with brand owners and manufacturers to supply over 8,000 products. Its operations span globally, making power continuity crucial for its business.


Opportunity Outline

The Challenge:

Pricecheck's UPS estate consisted of units from various manufacturers, ranging in size and age. This diversity, combined with a lack of regular maintenance, led to several units malfunctioning or being in a state of disrepair.

With a diverse UPS estate and many units showing signs of wear and tear or malfunctioning, Pricecheck faced the challenge of ensuring power continuity. The urgency was to address multiple UPS issues simultaneously while delivering a robust and long-lasting solution.


Proposed Solution

After a meticulous health check and understanding of Pricecheck's unique needs, Secure Power proposed a multi-pronged approach:


End-of-life APC units were to be replaced with state-of-the-art Riello Sentinel Dual (SDH 3000) 3kVA Online UPS units.


The larger Riello MST 20kVA units, though in better condition, were given a complete overhaul with new batteries, capacitors, and fans.


Certain 6kVA units deemed unnecessary due to changes in Pricecheck's infrastructure were recommended for decommissioning.


New Riello Net Power (NPW 1500) 1.5kVA Line Interactive UPS units were introduced to replace decommissioned devices, bolstering power backup.



Implementation Process

The project was executed in May 2023 in phases to ensure minimal disruption:

Phase 1:

Our Senior Engineer conducted an exhaustive health check. His findings were crucial in shaping the project's direction.

Phase 2:

Based on our Engineer's recommendations, a detailed solution was quoted, emphasising cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Phase 3:

Our team of engineers executed the on-ground implementation, ensuring optimal placement and configuration of each UPS unit.


Role of Team Members

The success of the project was a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Secure Power team:

Estimating Manager:

Handled the initial enquiry and was the primary point of contact.

Senior Engineer:

Conducted the health checks, providing invaluable insights.

Service & Delivery Support:

Coordinated the project's implementation, liaising with Pricecheck.

Engineering Team:

The on-site engineers responsible for the installations


Results and Impact

The tailored approach adopted by Secure Power resulted in:

Cost Savings:

By choosing to replace, decommission, or overhaul units selectively, Pricecheck achieved significant financial savings.

Enhanced Efficiency:

The streamlined UPS estate ensured optimal power backup, reducing the risk of outages.

Improved Power Resilience:

The overhaul enhanced Pricecheck's ability to handle power disruptions, ensuring business continuity.


Customer Feedback

Pricecheck was thoroughly satisfied with the project's outcome. Their appreciation centred on the tailored approach, the efficiency of the solutions provided, and the professionalism of the Secure Power team.


Insights Gained

The project offered several insights:

Communication is Key:

Clear communication, especially regarding the placement and purpose of each UPS unit, is vital.


Detailed site diagrams can guide installation, ensuring clarity and precision.


Ensuring the availability of the initial assessment engineer for the installation phase can ensure a seamless transition.



Our expertise, combined with a collaborative approach, ensured that Pricecheck's power backup infrastructure was restored and enhanced. The project underscores the importance of regular UPS maintenance and the value of a tailored approach.


Secure Power takes pride in providing personalised solutions that address our clients' needs. Pricecheck's smooth transition demonstrates our dedication and skill. If efficiency and reliability are your top power solutions priorities, contact us today. We are confident that we can provide you with the high-quality solutions you need to meet your power needs with ease. Contact us now and let us help you power your way to success! Let's work together to make your success story a reality.

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