Generator Maintenance

Providing bespoke, cost effect and reliable generator maintenance across the UK.

Generator Maintenance

Here at Secure Power we know that Generators play a key role in a businesses power contingency plan. Simply having a generator as part of your power protection plan often isn’t enough. Generators need regular attention and maintenance to ensure they are in good health. If the unthinkable happens and your generator fails, it may dramatically affect your backup plan, with catastrophic consequences.

We consider the health of your generator to be of top priority, and as such, each generator maintenance plan provided by Secure Power factors in scheduled visits, so we are able to perform essential and routine maintenance before any problems strike. These checks also ensure that functionality and performance remain at optimum levels in the event that you require the use of backup power. Failure to perform regular maintenance checks can lead to the generator not performing as it should when called upon, which is why we consider it a priority.

Generator Maintenance Plans

As with all our maintenance services, flexibility is key, and the client’s needs come first. Every visit is arranged around a time and date that suits you and you will be notified well in advance when a visit is required.

Bolt Ons?

We know one size doesn’t fit all, this is why we offer an array of additional bolt ons which you can pick and choose from to suit your specific needs. 

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