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Uninterrupted Power For The Transport Industry

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS systems) provide essential backup power for the transportation industry. Covering land, air and sea, resilient backup power strategies are vital for business and travel continuity.

A constant power supply is critical across the entire transport supply chain, from key public facilities such as Heathrow and Gatwick airports and network rail stations; Kings Cross, Paddington and Edinburgh through to the wider care sites and data centres for these organisations and others such as the National Rail services, Stagecoach, National Express, P&O and British Airway.

Like many others, the transport market demands 24/7 power resilience. Any loss of power can cost the industry £millions in lost revenue caused by catastrophic business disruption. Secure Power’s engineers and technical team work closely with the sector to design, supply and install emergency power solutions to meet exact requirements.

Secure Power delivers resilient emergency power strategies and UPS systems for entire transport infrastructures. Core transport facilities are dependent on a reliable source of power, where any disturbance or anomaly to supply could adversely affect any electrical device including computers, CCTV cameras, scanners and telephony as well as tannoy systems, emergency lighting, conveyor belts, lifts and EPOS. Looking beyond the main transport domains, other supporting premises such as dedicated data centres, freight terminals and manufacturing sites are also heavily reliant on uninterrupted power.

What Secure Power Can Offer The Transport Market


Secure Power has years of experience in supporting the transport industry. Having supplied, installed and maintained UPS equipment across multiple establishments including Manchester airport, Newcastle airport and the Eurostar, Secure Power continues to play an instrumental role in the safeguarding of power and the delivery of robust power protection solutions for a wide range of applications specific to transport facilities and equipment.

The business prides itself on its broad spectrum approach. Where our specialist technical team will consider not just the immediate need, but future ones also. This extends to considering the most efficient, effective and economical backup power framework.

  • Static and modular backup power solutions
  • Ruggedised critical power systems for harsh environments
  • Supply, install and commissioning
  • Battery replacements
  • UPS battery removal and recycling
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance support
  • Project management
  • Technical support


Ask a Secure Power Expert...
Our team of specialists have years of experience in the field and are on hand to discuss all aspects of delivering resillient backup power strategies tailored for any environment. 

The Multifaceted Transportation Sector

There is no one solution for all, and as a brand agnostic provider, Secure Power delivers only the ‘best fit’ systems. In an industry where technology plays a significant role, the demands for reliable power are ever increasing and with that comes the need for superior levels of power resilience. Our understanding of both the basic elements and the intricacies presented from complex devices enables us to deliver backup power solutions that are 100% fit for purpose.

  •  IT equipment
  •  Telephony
  •  Security systems
  •  Signalling
  •  Emergency lighting
  •  Warehouse systems
  •  Manufacturing lines

Transport Backup Power Solutions

Eaton 9PX

The Eaton 9PX range includes a parallel redundant rackmount solution ideal for this broad transport sector. The energy efficient units provide up to 28% more wattage compared to traditional UPS units and have a compact design. Additionally, online double conversion UPS ensures zero mains to battery transfer time. The Eaton 9PX units have a power range from 700 VA to 45 kVA. All units provide software-driven solutions with plug and play or hardwired options available. These UPS units can be used in conjunction with standby generators.

Riello SDH UPS series

The Riello SDH range is cost effective online rackmount backup power solution which is perfect for distribution warehousing environments. The Riello Sentinel Dual Low Power (SDH) UPS system has been designed to deal with non-linear loads and is highly versatile. Often found delivering resilient power protection for VoIP, IT networks, life safety applications  and medical devices, Riello SDH UPS solutions provide the ideal flexibility for the transport market.

Masterys GP4 from Socomec

The three phase Socomec Masterys GP4 offers a small footprint and supports 10 to 40kVA. These tansformerless units are available in a rackmounted or tower formation. The Socomec Masterys series offers long runtimes to support larger applications with reduced energy costs.


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