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Line Interactive UPS Systems

Line Interactive UPS Systems

Line interactive UPS systems also referred to as VI (voltage independent) include an automatic voltage regualtor, enabling direct power power conditioning. Line interactive UPS solutions are typically found supporting small office networks, CCTV, door security and EPOS. 

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Technologies we use :


The APC Smart-UPS SRT is a next-generation single-phase on-line UPS with a wide range of smart management options. Engineered for modern IT networks, medical labs, and banks, and industrial applications, the APC Smart-UPS SRT has the best power density in its class. The “Green Mode” is highly efficient, achieving 95% efficiency, thus enabling users to reduce operating costs without compromising reliability or performance. Hot-swappable batteries provide uninterrupted power to protected equipment and support loads of 1kVA to 20 kVA even in demanding power environments.

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APC Back-UPS Pro

Engineered specifically to provide emergency power for high performance computer systems, routers, home and small office electronics and external storage devices, the APC Back-UPS Pro family is packed with intuitive features. With intelligent battery management built in as standard to maximise battery performance, the APC Back-UPS Pro also presents a green mode to achieve superior levels of operating efficiency. This series also includes user friendly LCD display, USB connections and audible alarms to signal changes in power conditions.

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As one of the most highly sought after backup power solutions available, the Smart-UPS is trusted by IT professionals across the globe. With its 16-segment LED display, pure sinewave output on battery and automatic voltage regulations (AVR), APC Smart-UPS systems deliver reliability in all environments. Designed to meet the demands of state-of-the-art servers, storage and networks, the rack-mounted APC Smart-UPS performs exceptionally well at all load levels. Moreover, thanks to outstanding reliability and manageability, APC Smart-UPS is the benchmark by which other servers power protection systems are judged.

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Eaton 5P

Available as a tower UPS, rackmount UPS, or wall mount UPS, the Eaton 5P is an integrated backup power solution for IT environments. High-capacity lithium-ion batteries and robust power management systems are at the heart of the uninterrupted power supply. Due to Eaton’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM) platform, efficiency of up to 98% is possible, lowering energy costs and extending battery life. Furthermore, users find the UPS easy to operate and maintain via the easy-to-read graphical LCD or software.

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Eaton 5PX

The Eaton 5PX UPS can connect up to four battery modules to extend runtime and protect critical power loads. The 5PX has an advanced power management system, allowing for efficient energy consumption with up to 99% efficiency. With many applications for IT systems, small businesses, banks, telecom and retail, the Eaton 5PX easily adapts to virtual or integrated infrastructures — storage, computing, and networking. Furthermore, the UPS can be installed as a rack or tower unit, depending on requirements.

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Eaton 5S

Designed for small to medium businesses, the Eaton 5S has a power rating of 550 to 1500 VA and is a robust UPS solution to protect critical equipment and data from power surges or outages. Thanks to Eaton’s state-of-the-art power management system, the UPS delivers consistent, clean output with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). In the event of a power outage, the battery backup allows for graceful shutdowns. Also, the user-friendly LCD and intuitive interface make power management straightforward for any user. This is one of the best UPS systems for workstations, POS systems and telecoms equipment.

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Eaton 5SC

Available from 500 VA to 3000 VA, Eaton 5SC UPS solutions suit small businesses that require affordable and reliable protection for sensitive IT equipment. The 5SC provides high-quality output voltage using line-interactive topology, ensuring the unit is compatible with modern servers. The USB, HID, and serial ports integrate automatically with major operating systems. The intuitive LCD interface provides real-time status of key parameters, allowing users to configure the UPS easily. The Eaton 5SC is suitable for POS equipment, networking devices, network-attached storage, and high-end PCs.

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Riello Net Power

Available from 600 to 2000 VA, the Reillo Net Power Range uses digital line-interactive (VI) technology to protect digital equipment from power sags, surges, outages, and burnout. The plug and play technology means setting up the Net Power line-interactive UPS system is straightforward. The informative LCD shows systems status and battery capacity. Other features include cold-start with no mains supply, auto restart, short-circuit protection, and remote communication.

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Riello Vision Dual

With choices of tower or rack UPS models from 1100 to 3000 VA, the Riello Vision Dual range provides superior UPS protection. Vision Dual UPS units are designed to protect peripheral network devices, network backup systems, and servers. Advantages of the Vision Dual UPS are very high protection, high availability and versatility. In addition, the automatic voltage regulator protects equipment from surges and voltage fluctuations, hot-swap batteries allow for maintenance without downtime, and Riello technology helps protect battery performance.

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Specially designed for rack installation, the Salicru SPS Advance R is a high-performance UPS component in high occupation density racks. The SPS Advance R line-interactive technology and pure sinewave output achieve stable power to all kinds of critical loads. In addition to high-density security, the UPS units operate efficiently up to 98%, resulting in reduced energy consumption and extended lifetime usage. A range of SPS Advance R units are available in output ranges from 750 VA to 1500 VA, all with a height of 1U.

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Salicru SPS SOHO+

Designed as a robust UPS solution for home and office environments, the Salicru SPS Soho+ protects servers, workstations, and electronic devices from the potentially damaging effects of power surges or outages. The SPS Soho+ uses automatic voltage regulators and line-interactive technology to minimise fluctuations, extend battery life, and prolong autonomy. This compact UPS device also works with active power factor correction to provide optimal protection for compatible devices. In addition, two USB ports protect mobile phones while charging. Remote monitoring and configuration are via the USB communications port.

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Socomec NETYS PE

Equipped with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and overvoltage protection, the Socomec NETYS PE is a UPS solution for home, office, and retail IT applications. Socomec NETYS PE range has six single-phase UPS units with 600 to 2000 VA power output. Each model has a battery saving mode to extend battery life and provide emergency power in a blackout. Additionally, there is protection for LAN/ASDL to prevent backdoor voltage surges.

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Vertiv EDGE

Vertiv Liebert Edge is a range of reliable, efficient, flexible and manageable UPS solutions designed for Edge applications, servers, and IT networks. The innovative line-interactive technology protects sensitive networking equipment with models ranging from 500 VA to 3000 VA with options of 1U, 2U and 3U. Features of Liebert Edge UPS models are 0.9 output power factor, 98% efficiency, hot-swappable batteries and advanced AVR (automatic voltage regulation). In addition, remote management and monitoring capabilities allow users to control all applications.

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Vertiv PSA

Designed for small office or home environments, the Vertiv Liebert PSA is a cost-effective line-interactive UPS to protect computers and office equipment. The UPS provides protection for three to six devices and up to five minutes of backup to allow a safe shutdown and protect data. In addition to being an emergency power source, the Liebert PSA UPS has surge protection against unexpected surges and lightning strikes.

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Vertiv PSI

The Vertiv Liebert PSI offers reliable power protection for critical applications, network systems, workstations and large peripherals. The UPS can be freestanding or rack-mounted and is packed with features typically found on more expensive systems. For example, the Liebert PSI provides surge suppression, remote shutdowns, hot-swappable batteries, and up to five minutes of battery backup at 100% load to allow for graceful shutdowns. In addition, the Liebert PSI models have six to eight battery-backed outlets.

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The Salicru SPS Advance RT2 is engineered to offer the ultimate electrical protection for a range of entry-level servers and IT equipment. The advanced line-interactive technology with sinewave output delivers unbeatable performance. Additionally, its output power factor of 0.9 and compatibility with active power factor correction (APFC) protect all kinds of loads. Furthermore, the SPS Advance RT2 UPS has an RS-232/USB-HID interface for remote communication. Suitable applications for the SPS Advance RT2 include servers, POS, routers, switches and other equipment with high power density requirements.

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