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A value added reseller partner for Salicru

Secure Power is a VAR (Value Added Reseller) partner for Salicru. Working closely with the Spanish manufacturer and as a higher level distributor partner, Secure Power has rapid access to the complete range of Salicru UPS systems.

With a depth and breadth of knowledge spanning over a decade, Secure Power has remained committed to the UPS technologies it offers. Its strong relationships with UPS manufacturers such as Salicru allow the business to provide up-to-date technical advice and ensure that the solutions it provides are 100% fit for purpose, for both present day and the future.

As an internationally recognised brand, Salicru has expanded to over 60 countries, delivering resilient backup power solutions to a vast array of market sectors. With rack and tower UPS systems available from 850VA upwards, the Salicru product portfolio offers line interactive, online double conversion and high efficiency modular UPS solutions.

Salicru UPS solutions from Secure Power:

  • Comprehensive project management
  • Rapid quote and proposal turnaround
  • Best in industry stock availability
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Quick response times
  • Free site surveys for any UPS installation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free UPS product demonstration and onsite testing

Let us help you specify the best fit solution for your project. Contact us if you need help with a Salicru product

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