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NHS Children's Hospital

Secure Power Leads Power Protection Strategy for Children's Hospital

Secure Power Leads Power Protection Strategy for Children's Hospital

When a specialised NHS Children’s Hospital in South Yorkshire found they needed to replace their existing backup power solution, they approached three power protection providers including Secure Power for solution proposals.


Project Overview

It was identified that the prevailing UPS units, two Kohler Power MP1000T 10kVA’s, had reached ‘end of life’ and were therefore no longer reliable in providing the critical backup support required for medical purposes. A replacement UPS solution was needed, one that was capable of maintaining a continuous supply of power to support two operating theatres and an IPS system in the event of mains and secondary power failures.

According to the Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) 06-01, healthcare facilities must be able to provide a safe, robust electrical system that is capable of protecting end-users and more specifically, patients from electrical failures. As the system required was to be used to protect patients undergoing complex treatments and surgeries, it was essential a comprehensive and reliable solution was found.


The Solution

Having sourced competitive and ‘fit for purpose’ alternative units, Secure Power was awarded the contract for the works and quickly began the process of decommissioning and removing the old units. Once this was complete the installation and commissioning of the new replacement system could begin. To avoid any unnecessary downtime and mitigate all potential risks, works were conducted out of hours.

Two Riello Sentryum S3M 10kVA 1 phase/1 phase UPS with two strings of internal batteries were selected for the replacement system with relay cards added to allow for remote alarms. Designed to an N configuration, the UPS maximises availability, efficiency and performance in critical applications – reaching approximately 27 minutes battery runtime at a 10kW load. 

Secure Power completed the entire decommissioning, removal, installation and commissioning process to time and budget, allowing a seamless transition between the two sets of units.


A Comment From The Client

The hospital's engineering supervisor, Gary Candow commented: “Secure Power has delivered above and beyond all expectation on every aspect of this job. Their engineering team conducted themselves professionally and have done an excellent job on the  theatre six and seven UPS replacements.”

The Sentryum is Riello’s third generation of transformerless online UPS - delivering outstanding performance and up to 96.5% efficiency in a compact footprint. Available in a choice of power ranges and cabinet sizes, it is a proven versatile solution designed to handle capacitive loads without any reduction in active power.


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