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Online Double Conversion

Online Double Conversion

Online double conversion UPS systems or VFI (voltage and frequency independent) UPS solutions provide the highest levels of power protection, isolating the supported equipment from the mains power. Online double covnersion UPS solutions are recommended for sensitive loads such as telecom systems and for more critical applications. 

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Technologies we use :

APC Easy UPS On-Line

APC by Schneider Electric offers a new category of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for small and medium-sized enterprises that are designed to meet even the most unstable power situations. The APC Easy UPS On-Line is a flexible, high-quality, cost-competitive UPS designed to manage a wide voltage range and consistent power conditions and deliver quality that millions of IT professionals across the world rely on.

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Designed specifically for racks in space constrained environments, the APC Smart-UPS RT delivers high-density performance. With a maximum power output capacity of 700 watts at 100% capacity, the Smart-UPS RT has an impressive runtime of over 13 minutes in critical environments. Scalable runtime means it is possible to add more as needed. Additionally, the unit ensures zero transfer times, tight voltage regulation and frequency regulation to protect IT equipment and data. The RT series also includes intelligent battery management to minimise operating costs and maximise efficiency.

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Eaton 9SX

The Eaton 9SX UPS series provides infrastructure, industrial, medical, IT, networking, storage, and telecommunications with high availability, flexibility, and superior protection. It provides double-conversion online protection in a tower, rack, or rack/tower configuration.

The Eaton 9SX UPS enables the addition of external hot-swappable battery modules, which can run systems for hours if necessary. The new graphical LCD gives precise measurements and status information on a single panel (in seven languages).

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Eaton 9SX Marine

The Eaton 9SX Marine UPS series features online double-conversion technology with an automatic bypass and is available in 1000VA/900W or 3000VA/2700W tower models with mounting rails and vibration dampers, multilingual LCD display, hot-swappable batteries, power management software, relay output, USB, and Serial interface.

With its coated boards and compatibility with high-temperature settings, 9SX Marine is intended for marine and offshore environments. Installation is simple and it is possible to bolt or weld 9SX Marine to the deck/bulkhead or shelf. Under the UPS cabinet, vibration absorbers are fitted as part of the installation kit. 9SX Marine UPS units are DNV-GL type approved.

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Eaton 9PX

The Eaton 9PX UPS series delivers energy-efficient power protection for small-to-medium-sized data centres, IT rooms, and critical infrastructure. IT and facilities managers who are worried about energy costs and looking for next-generation power protection solutions will find the 9PX to be a great choice. It offers online double-conversion protection while using 40% less energy, making it a great choice for both groups.

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Eaton 9PX Marine

The Eaton 9PX Marine is the first UPS in its classification to have a power factor of unity (VA=W). It provides 11% more power than the competition. The 9PX Marine is Energy Star-certified, so it saves the most money on energy and cooling costs.

With its coated boards and compatibility with high-temperature environments, 9PX Maritime is designed for marine and offshore settings. 9PX Marine UPS units are DNV-GL type approved.

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Eaton 91PS

Within its power range, the Eaton 91PS series offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and highest availability. No matter how mission-critical your application is, the Eaton 91PS UPS gives you the power performance, scalability, reliability, and efficiency you need to keep your business running at a low cost.

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Riello Sentinel Pro (SEP)

With its unique design and maximum on-line UPS protection, the Riello Sentinel Pro is a benchmark product with unrivalled performance. With a power range of 700 to 3000 VA, the tower unit has double-conversion technology to deliver the highest level of protection from surges, burnout, harmonic distortion and frequency variation. Three operation modes give users a range of choices to optimise energy use. Its high-power density and compact design mean the Sentinel Pro is ideal for powering Edge applications. In addition, the extended runtime versions ensure battery autonomy for up to 6 hours.

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Riello Sentinel Rack (SER)

With a choice of 1500 VA or 3000 VA, the Reillo Sentinel Rack is an ideal choice for protecting rack servers, data centre IT systems, telecoms networks and security systems. The Sentinel Rack features a compact design which makes it easy to upgrade legacy 600mm racks. The UPS units can be connected to external batteries, and the 3000 VA unit has an internal charger to extend battery autonomy. Other features of the Sentinel Rack UPS include cold start, auto-restart and UPS input power factor near 1.

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Riello Sentinel Dual 1.5-3kVA (SDH)

Available in a power range of 1000 to 3000 VA, the Riello Sentinel Dual is a UPS power supply designed to protect non-linear loads and blade servers. Capable of delivering 0.9 power factor and 92% efficiency, the Sentinel Dual UPS provides outstanding performance with minimal power consumption. The UPS unit can be rack-mounted or freestanding. Typical applications for the Riello Sentinel Dual are IT networks, emergency lighting, blade servers, security systems and VoIP equipment.

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Riello Sentinel Dual 4-10kVA (SDU)

Capable of high-quality output voltage and efficiency up to 95%, the Riello Sentinel Dual SDU is designed for powering mission-critical applications where power reliability is crucial. The Sentinel Dual SDU UPS series has a power range of 4 to 10 kVA with an impressive overload capacity of 150%, even during mains power failure. The UPS Smart Active function automatically uses the optimal operating mode of VI or VFI, depending on the main power supply quality. UPS units can be mounted tower or rack format.

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Riello Sentinel Tower (STW)

The Riello Sentinel Tower UPS is designed to protect non-linear loads in security systems, telecoms networks and IT systems. A three-level, high-performing inverter delivers unity power factor and operating efficiency of 95%. To increase capacity or redundancy, up to three UPS can be paralleled. In addition, users can get critical operating data and easily adjust operating modes thanks to the informative LCD.

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The SLC TWIN PRO2 series from Salicru is a tower-format UPS line featuring online double-conversion technology and the most up-to-date protection capabilities, making it a superior protection system for sensitive and critical loads. Its high output power factor guarantees the availibility of all types of loads.

The SLC TWIN PRO2 line from Salicru is offered with power ratings of 700 VA to 20 kVA.

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Salicru SLC TWIN RT2

The SLC TWIN RT2 UPS series from Salicru is a highly developed continuity solution for the electrical protection of critical systems. It combines the most dependable online double-conversion technology on the market with a unity output power factor (VA=W), allowing it to power systems with high energy demands while maintaining high operating efficiency.

Depending on the needs of the facility, the range of power ratings from 700 VA(W) to 10 kVA(kW) is available in a rack/tower-convertible format with a swivel-mount LCD display. For applications requiring higher backup, systems with an additional charger and additional battery modules are also available.

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Schneider Easy UPS 1 Ph SRVS

Schneider Electric introduces Easy UPS On-Line single-phase SRVS, a new series of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to meet the power protection needs of small to medium-sized organisations even under the most unstable power situations. The Easy UPS SRVS is a flexible UPS designed to accommodate a broad voltage range and variable power situations with pure sinewave output. Delivering the quality that millions of professionals around the globe rely on is certainty in a connected world.

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Socomec ITYS

ITYS by Socomec is a robust and simple-to-install UPS series designed to safeguard IT infrastructures, including professional workstations, servers, business networks, and industrial automation, among others. Installation is simple due to the tower's compact design, and no configuration is required upon initial startup.

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Socomec ITYS ES

ITYS ES by Socomec is a robust and simple-to-install UPS series designed for electrical substations to protect control devices and electric lines. The UPS is provided with its internal batteries already attached and charged, making it simple to install and simple to operate. As it has built-in thermal protection, the ITYS ES with manual bypass option is simple to install and requires no specific plant engineering preparation.

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Socomec NETYS RT

NETYS RT by Socomec is a single-phase UPS series designed to provide complete rack or tower protection for IT systems such as servers and networking devices, VoIP communication systems, structured cabling systems, video surveillance systems, control systems, switching, and Edge data centres. NETYS RT is easy to set up. No configuration is required upon initial launch. The "tower-to-rack" conversion method saves time and space, and the tower mode has a small footprint.

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Socomec NETYS RT-M Marine

The marine sector requires equipment that is dependable and capable of supplying applications working in tough environments. In such a scenario, power interruptions produce exceptionally severe problems with critical navigation, communication, and engine control equipment, resulting in an increase in expenditures. Socomec has released NETYS RT-M, a high-performance UPS that is certified by DNV GL. This is part of the company's commitment to finding new ways to ensure availability, save energy, and cut costs.

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Socomec OFYS RT

OFYS RT by Socomec is a single-phase UPS series developed to safeguard professional IT systems, delivering cost-effective solutions that satisfy both power reliability and installation flexibility requirements. With its compact and versatile 2U rack/tower format, installation is simple as no configuration is needed on the first startup.

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Designed with no single point of failure, the MODULYS XS offers a redundant power supply and excellent availability for mission-critical applications. The MODULYS XS family is the optimal choice for unscheduled site upgrades or gradual power evolution due to its flexible modularity, which allows for seamless and risk-free power scaling up to 20kVA. By adding hot-swappable plug-in power modules in increments of either 2.5kVA or 5kVA, the installed power can be expanded to 20kVA.

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Vertiv Liebert GXT MT +

Liebert GXT MT+ from Vertiv features true online double-conversion technology, providing the best power protection for mission-critical applications. This UPS series has been developed in accordance with exhaustive technical specifications, enabling it to provide a high level of availability for connected IT equipment. Its Eco mode is responsible for delivering high levels of efficiency, resulting in lower total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits.

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Vertiv Liebert GXT RT +

The Vertiv Liebert GXT RT+ UPS is an online double-conversion solution that provides power protection in a cost-effective, efficient, and deployable system. The single-phase Liebert GXT RT+'s high power factor of 0.9 enables continuous, reliable power to more connected devices from a wide range of input voltages while maximising energy efficiency and value. The ECO mode of operation of this already inexpensive UPS further reduces energy costs, resulting in a compelling total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Vertiv Liebert GXT3

The Liebert GXT3 from Vertiv is designed to provide increased power capacities for applications with restricted floor space. This true online double-conversion UPS system is available in a 10kVA configuration with an integrated maintenance bypass and an optional battery backup time extension. The standard GXT3-T230 is free of an integrated isolation transformer and can be configured as either 1/1 or 3/1 for increased flexibility.

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Vertiv Liebert GXT5

Liebert GXT5 from Vertiv is an online double-conversion UPS series that provides high power outage protection and continuous power conditioning in a rack or tower configuration that is compact and versatile. The high power efficiency of the Vertiv Liebert GXT5 single-phase UPS makes it ideal for protecting critical infrastructure in both centrally managed and Edge network applications. When extended, uninterrupted power is required, scalable runtime options with corresponding external battery cabinets provide added flexibility. In addition, the Liebert GXT5 gives the battery health status and an estimated replacement date for intelligent battery health management.

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24/7 Technical Support

You can call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our 24/7 support service is a simple, flexible solution to meet the needs of any size company. Giving you complete peace of mind that your business is continuously protected in and out of standard business hours. Unlike our competitors, we don’t outsource our support. By giving you access to our dedicated UPS (uninterruptible power supply) specialists, no matter when you call your enquiry will be dealt with immediately by an experienced member of staff.


Multi Vendor Support

We want the right vendor for you. Unbiased multi-vendor support allows us to provide you with greater capability to provide the right solution for your needs. Doing this also avoids potential single vendor lock-in, which can potentially work more for the vendor than you as the customer as well as us as your service provider.

Flexible Payment Plans

Making premium support obtainable without creating financial concerns. Flexible payment plans are a hassle-free way to spread maintenance costs over monthly instalments, completely interest-free. Furthermore, to reward loyal customers, we offer an extensive discount on 36-60 month deals, which are impossible to turn down.

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