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Three Phase UPS Systems

Three Phase UPS Systems

Our years of experience enables us to not only provide three phase equipment for a wide range of environments including data centres but also deliver resilient power protection strategies, project management, onsite works and UPS maintenance.

What Is a Three Phase UPS System?

Three phase UPS systems are typically used to support larger loads and more critical applications such as servers, life safety equipment, industrial. The term ‘three phase’ simply refers to the distribution of electrical power. Three phase power is distributed across offers three live wires and one neutral. This adds an additional level of resilience against single phase UPS systems. 

Delivering even more flexibility, three phase UPS solutions can be segmented into 3/3 (three phase input/three phase output and 3/1 (three phase input/single phase output). Optimal power resilience, with zero points of failure can be achieved with parallel N+1 configurations, which also allows for three phase UPS scalability. 

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Technologies we use :

Modular UPS Systems

Modular UPS systems provide flexible, 'scale as you grow' power protection solutions for many environments. With easy expansion opportunities and low maintenance requirements, modular UPS solutions have fast become the preferred choice.

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Transformer Free (Static) UPS Systems

Transformer free UPS systems, also referred to as transfomerless UPS systems, offer significant space saving advantages. They are also lighterweight, in comparrison to transformerbased UPS solutions and are typically more suited to environments where energy efficiency is a priority.

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Transformer Based (Static) UPS Systems

Transformer based UPS systems provide superior power protection, especially for applications situated within poor power quaility areas. Their robust design means that transformer based UPS solutions are often used within critical facilities to support essential infrastrucutre where downtime is not an option. 

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