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Modular UPS Systems

Modular UPS Systems

Modular UPS systems provide flexible, 'scale as you grow' power protection solutions for many environments. With easy expansion opportunities and low maintenance requirements, modular UPS solutions have fast become the preferred choice.

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Technologies we use :

Eaton 93PS

Within its power range, the Eaton 93PS series offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and highest availability. No matter how mission-critical your application is, the Eaton 93PS UPS gives you the power performance, scalability, reliability, and efficiency you need to keep your business running at a low cost.

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Eaton 93PM

The performance of the Eaton 93PM UPS series has been validated by the installation of over 500 MVA of capacity worldwide. It offers the best uptime for mission-critical applications at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). The Eaton 93PM UPS is the ideal white or grey space option for the modern data centre. Thanks to innovative technologies, many of which are unique to Eaton, the Eaton 93PM UPS is more efficient and costs less to own.

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Eaton 93PM G2

The Eaton 93PM G2 UPS series combines protection, security, and business continuity in a modular and scalable architecture that is versatile, efficient, and cost-effective. With the highest possible availability and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in its category, the second-generation three-phase 93PM UPS is the ideal solution for colocation data centre operators and organisations seeking to increase capacity and power protection in accordance with business demand.

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Eaton Power Xpert 9395P

The Power Xpert 9395P UPS line from Eaton offers exceptional online double-conversion efficiency and higher power density, as a result of current technological advancements in power management. No matter how important your application is to your business, this solution gives you the performance, dependability, and flexibility you need.

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Riello Multi Power (MPW)

The award-winning Riello Multi Power UPS modules deliver outstanding performance with a choice of 15, 25 or 42 kW units. The three-phase input and output ensure unrivalled power density and operating efficiency in space-saving modules. The hot-swappable modules mean zero maintenance downtime, while Riello technology ensures that even with loads as low as 20%, a minimum 95% efficiency is guaranteed. For data centres and other mission-critical environments where scalability is crucial, up to four modules can be paralleled together.

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The SLC ADAPT series from Salicru consists of online double-conversion UPS solutions with DSP control and three-level IGBT inverter technology. It allows solutions to be customized from 25 kVA to 1500 kVA thanks to various modules (25, 30 and 50 kVA), customizable systems (6, 8, 10 or 12 modules), and the parallel/redundant option for up to three 500 kVA systems. Additionally, it gives increased protection as demands develop - pay as you grow - so reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Salicru SLC ADAPT2

The SLC ADAPT2 series of UPSs from Salicru are on-line double-conversion, modular solutions for enhanced electrical protection, with DSP management and three-level IGBT technology.

Modularity: The choice of available modules - 10 kW and 15 kW - and configurable systems - 2, 3, 4, and 6 modules per system - allow for adaption to any situation, with the option of paralleling systems to achieve higher protection or enhanced power. Preventative diagnosis and frontal extraction of the modules significantly decreases intervention times (MTTR) and boosts system availability.

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Schneider Galaxy VL

Schneider Electric's Galaxy VL series is a high-efficiency, scalable, and modular 200-500 kW 3-phase UPS with redundant design, low TCO, and lithium-ion battery choices for big data centres and mission-critical situations.

Increase your availability, reliability, and sustainability while expanding your business and lowering your total cost of ownership. The Galaxy VL is the most compact Galaxy in the UPS universe, with up to 99% efficiency in eConversion mode and fast power expansion via Live Swap. Today, make your data centre or colocation site more environmentally friendly.

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Schneider Galaxy VX

Galaxy VX is a highly efficient, modular, three-phase UPS that is scalable from 500 to 1500kVA in a single unit and offers great performance, scalability, and adaptability. Its adaptability meets the fluctuating needs of your quickly expanding business, while its great performance and plethora of cost-saving features lower your energy bills and total cost of ownership (TCO). Galaxy VX is the ideal UPS for large data centres, cloud and colocation facilities, and mission-critical applications in the present day.

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Schneider Symmetra PX

The Schneider Electric Symmetra PX UPS series is a world-class, redundant, high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR-certified, high-availability power protection system. The Symmetra PX is a truly modular system that seamlessly integrates into today's cutting-edge data centre architecture. Symmetra PX is comprised of interchangeable modules for power, battery, intelligence, and bypass, and is designed to be quickly and efficiently serviced. This architecture may expand power and runtime in response to rising demand or the need for greater availability.

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MODULYS RM GP is a three-phase Green Power 2.0 modular UPS series from Socomec that is ideal for protecting critical applications such as computer rooms, data centres, banks, healthcare institutions, telecommunications, and more. It is designed for simple, risk-free integration in standard 19" rack cabinets and is fully compatible with any standard 19" rack cabinet. MODULYS RM GP is a high-power density UPS with flexible, simplified cabling that is simple to maintain, integrate, and customise.

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The MODULYS GP UPS series is the optimal choice for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolutions due to its flexible modularity, which enables seamless and risk-free power scalability up to 600kVA. Adding hot-swap plug-in power modules in increments of 25kVA increases the installed power up to 600kVA. The MODULYS GP is designed with no single point of failure and offers all the benefits of Green Power 2.0 technology.

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Socomec's MODULYS XL is a 200kVA power module-based modular UPS. A single UPS unit's output can be increased to 1200kVA, and the system can accommodate up to four parallel units. The innovative MODULYS XL concept enables the continuous protection of the load in online mode, whether to respond to load growth or to manage all parts of the system's lifespan in a safe and impressively quick manner. The MODULYS XL provides exceptional availability and flexibility to meet the requirements of today's mission-critical applications when coupled with a selection of customised services.

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