Secure Powers provides comprehensive UPS health checks for all UPS solutions, ensuring confidence where you need it most,

UPS Software Training

UPS software is imperative for every customer that purchases a UPS. Secure Power believes that every client, whether they purchase a small UPS for their PC or a large UPS solution for their datacentre, as a minimum will need to know how to use their UPS solution most effectively.

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Whether that be physically setting up your UPS to run more efficiently or by utilising the UPS software that comes with the unit to protect your equipment from harsh shutdowns or providing you with a warning should there be an issue.

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Demo Room

Here at Secure Power we have a demo room where we showcase how to use all software for every brand of UPS we sell. It is essential that a customer knows the capability of the UPS software they have purchased and what it can and can’t do, as this will affect the decision process when purchasing your UPS.

Our UPS software experts will also go into detail on the pros and cons for each manufacturer’s software and allow you, the customer, to make an informed decision when picking which UPS is right for you.

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If your equipment does not get serviced as part of a maintenance agreement, why not speak to our team to find a service package that works for you?

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