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UPS Installation and Commissioning

Our UPS installation and commissioning services consider the entire electrical path to ensure that complete power infrastructures are safeguarded from any power anomaly


Correct electrical installation and commissioning of your UPS and generator equipment is critical in ensuring optimal performance from your power protection systems when called upon in an emergency.

Whilst smaller systems are designed to be installed on a “plug and play” basis, all “hardwired” systems (typically 4kVA and upwards) require specialist installation by competent professionals. Our team of highly qualified engineers can assist with carrying out all aspects of UPS and generator installation in-line with current industry legislation and equipment manufacturer requirements.


System commissioning plays an extremely vital part of the implementation of all critical power applications. Not only do most equipment manufacturers insist on commissioning by an approved engineer to validate the warranty, but having your systems configured and signed off by qualified personnel gives you peace of mind that your hardware is operating within its recommended parameters.
We are approved service partners and accredited installers of UPS and generators from a wide range of industry-leading manufacturers. All installation and commissioning works are subject to a comprehensive site survey before works going ahead.

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