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UPS and Generator Monitoring

Secure Power provides a wide range of flexible, preventative UPS and generator monitoring solutions

UPS & generator monitoring is one of the many solutions we use to prevent any kind of failure on backup power equipment.

Our 24/7 365 days a year monitoring facility will provide a monthly report advising of your equipment’s environment, efficiency, any power irregularities or power outages. It will alert us to any potential issues allowing us to resolve problems before they arise seamlessly. For this service to work most effectively, we recommend coupling this with a maintenance agreement so our expert engineers can be onsite quickly within an approved response time.


So, What Are The Benefits Of Remote Generator and UPS Monitoring?​



    A perfect solution for unmanned locations


    Less engineer visits due to diagnosis being able to be done remotely


    Early fault detection allowing a quick fix before your critical power solution fails


    Performance reports provided regularly, allowing you to be informed on how your equipment is running


    Highly secure connection to your equipment with two step verification to access


    Ease of installation to any existing piece of backup power equipment


Providing resilient power protection strategies for over 10 years.

Secure Power is a single point of contact for all aspects of critical power infrastructure.

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