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The preparation, management and implementation of power protection strategies 

With years of experience in the power protection field, Secure Power is expertly placed to deliver a wide range of emergency power services. Secure Power offers various preventative UPS maintenance contracts, UPS battery services and monitoring solutions to ensure that all backup power requirements are being met. 

Secure Power offers comprehensive project consultancy. Our dedicated project management team works directly with client contractors, consultants and end users to ensure the smooth delivery of all emergency power solutions. This includes thorough analysis of TCO (total cost of ownership) and ensuring that any backup power strategy is designed and executed to meet not just exisiting needs but is also future proofed.  

UPS installation and commissioning 

From initial site surveys and efficiency audits through to UPS installation and commissioning, Secure Power has extensive experience across a mulitidue of environments for a wide range of applications. We understand that every UPS installtion is different and work flexibly to accommodate budget constraints, site restrictions and operational demands. 

UPS maintenance services including preventative UPS maintenance contracts 

Preventative UPS maintenance is absolutely critical to ensuring the ultimate performance of any UPS system. A maintenance plan is a proactive approach to infrastructure management and is strongly recommended. Secure Power's flexible maintenance packages all include routine site visits, UPS component checks, UPS battery servicing and detailed maintenance reports. 

Generator maintenance 

Secure Power offers a wide range of flexbibe diesel generator maintenance solutions and provides support with all associated works inlcuidng supply, installation, replacement and relocation. 

UPS battery replacements, battery recycling

Batteries are an essential part of a UPS system and require regular servicing and maintenance. In addition, UPS batteries will require replacement during the lifecycle of a UPS system. Our highly skilled UPS battery engineers safely swap out UPS batteries for new and ensure that the old batteries are recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. 

UPS removal and relocation 

Secure Power has a range of services for decommissioning and removal of UPS systems, whether it be for relocation or disposal. Our team of highly trained and experienced field engineers carry these works out safely with all decommissioned UPS systems disposed of safely, adhering to the relevant UK legislation.