Secure Power offers various UPS maintenance contracts, UPS battery disposals and training services - ensuring that all your requirements are being met. 

UPS Maintenance

There are numerous reasons why we would encourage you to utilise Secure Power’s UPS maintenance plan. In addition to conducting regular site visits, our team also check equipment, change UPS batteries as required, and provide UPS maintenance reports after each visit, so you are better able to understand how your equipment is operating. A backup power maintenance plan is a proactive approach to infrastructure management and is strongly recommended. To find out more about the types of UPS maintenance plans we offer, click here.

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UPS Battery disposal

Batteries are an essential part of UPS; the emergency power equipment wouldn’t work without this element, meaning you would be left without emergency power protection. This is why we take maintenance seriously here at Secure Power. When you make use of Secure Power’s UPS maintenance contracts, managed services, or one-off checks, we ensure emergency power maintenance is our top priority.

When UPS batteries require replacement, our highly-skilled and professional engineers will swap them for brand-new batteries, making sure the old batteries will be recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. Once we dispose of you UPS batteries, you will be provided with all necessary documentation.

"Secure Power ensure your critical power solution is always ready"

Demo Room

Secure Power’s demo room, based in our Sheffield office, provides an opportunity for potential customers to see the importance of having emergency power equipment such as UPS or generators.

As part of our live demonstration, we show customers how our UPS and generators operate when a building’s mains power supply is cut. This demonstration shows customers that our staff can continue working without interruption when the building has no mains power.

To arrange a demonstration, please get in touch.

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