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Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Founded in 1972, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is a local authority in South Yorkshire. It’s one of the four metropolitan district councils in South Yorkshire and provides various services to approximately 260,000 residents and 100,000 workers in Rotherham area. Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is responsible for providing a range of services such as social care, housing, licensing, community safety, green spaces, education, leisure, transport, motorway, and many more.

Because Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is responsible for a range of vital services for people, communities, and businesses, any power disturbances could be devastating for the organisation and its stakeholders. As such, it’s vital for the organisation to have constant clean power to its critical equipment and for it to be maintained.

Before Secure Power officially became Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s UPS provider and maintenance partner in 2016, the council had old-fashioned multiple single-phase UPS for each server rack. The equipment was outdated and maintaining each UPS took a long time; this meant that the council didn’t receive the best protection, and they spent large sums of money on maintenance.

When Secure Power began working with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, the solution was to swap the numerous old UPS for two Riello Multi Sentry 40kVA UPS units which run in parallel together to power the council’s critical equipment. After UPS installation, the council took standard maintenance cover with Secure Power to ensure the backup system’s reliability and efficiency, extending its longevity. The standard maintenance cover includes emergency callouts, 24/7 technical support, 8-hour response time, and one yearly maintenance visit.

The annual maintenance service ensures that Secure Power continues to protect the investment made by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, allowing for a strong and ongoing relationship which has proved beneficial for both parties.

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