All products provided by Secure Power can be returned within 14 days of delivery, providing that:

  • the product is unused, unopened, and undamaged.
  • the product is returned in the same condition as it was sent out.

It should be noted that if the product has been signed for and is later found to be damaged then the liability lies with the customer, and additional charges will apply.

If the product being returned is due to a purchasing error, and/or an administrative error, then the delivery charges will still apply for the delivery and collection within the 14 day period.

The 14 day period does not apply to specialist items that are custom made.

The customer will receive a credit note for the full value of the original order, providing that the item(s) is/are returned within the allocated time and terms outlined in the returns policy.

Restocking Fees

Any product returned within the 14 day period will incur the minimum handling charge (unless it is a specialist item), also the delivery and collection of the products will be chargeable. This is on the condition that the product is in good condition and is unopened.

The following factors should be considered:

  • The minimum handling charge is 15%.
  • Any design services or consultation services may be charged for time spent on specific projects if products are returned.
  • Products up to 3kVA can be returned within 28 days, but a 25% restocking fee will apply after the first 14-day period.
  • Any item between 4-20kVA single phase can be returned within 28 days, but a 30% restocking fee will apply after the initial 14 day period.
  • Those items over 20kVA can be returned within 28 days but a 40% restocking fee will apply after 14 days.
  • Any three phase products can only be returned within the 14 day period, a restocking fee can be agreed with senior management up to 28 days, subject to written approval and confirmation.

Specialist products or made-to-order products cannot be returned unless formally approved by a Secure Power employee. If the return of a specialist item is agreed, then a minimum of 50% restocking fee will apply.

Faulty Products

All products deemed to be faulty will undergo the manufacturer’s scrutiny and standard checks; if the item is faulty then a replacement unit will be offered free-of-charge. The faulty item will also be collected at no additional cost to the customer.

Secure Power will not offer a refund if:

  • the item was declared faulty before the sale, and if the customer agreed to buy a faulty item.
  • the customer has caused further damage to the product by attempting a repair, or a third-party has attempted a repair on the customer’s behalf, causing damage to the product.
  • If the item is trying to be returned after the returns policy terms.

Assumptions and Exclusions

  • All products are labelled with the returns reference, obtained from a Secure Power representative.
  • Any items waiting for collection must be stored in a dry area with no damage to the product.
  • The return period starts from the delivery date.
  • Failure to notify Secure Power within the first 28 days of a faulty product may result in a refusal to replace the item.
  • If a Secure Power employee agrees-to or suggests terms different to the those set out in the returns policy, then the customer must provide written confirmation before the these can be enforced; it is vital that these terms are approved by Secure Power’s senior management.

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