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Removal and Relocation Services

Safe removal, relocation and disposal services for backup power systems and UPS batteries

With years of experience in the ergency power field, we are able to provide a first class service, with minimal operational downtime. Secure Power has a nationwide team of specialist engineers to assist with the safe decommissioning and removal of UPS systems, whether it be for relocation or disposal. 

Our team of highly trained and experienced field engineers are on hand to ensure your UPS equipment and batteries’ safe removal. Following the equipment manufacturer’s relevant instructions, the UPS will be isolated from the circuit and decommissioned, awaiting collection by one of our specialist logistics teams.
Once the UPS and batteries have been removed, our engineers will ensure that all remaining electrical infrastructure left behind is either removed or left safely disconnected for use on a future install, dependent upon the customer requirements.
Following the successful decommissioning of your equipment, our specialist logistics team will attend site to package your UPS and batteries for transport securely. Whether you require the goods relocating to a different room within the same building or moving to a new site entirely, our logistics team will have all of the necessary lifting equipment to go wherever you need us.


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