Reliable, lightweight and compact UPS energy storage for critical applications, transform your infrastructure with Lithium-Ion batteries.


Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly popular in the data centre, telecoms, oil & gas and utility markets due to their clear advantages against the traditional lead-acid type batteries. Innovative technologies are why Secure Power partners with world-leading manufacturers to provide cutting edge technology for battery solutions.

Our Lithium-ion battery solutions for AC & DC UPS, ancillary power backup and switchgear applications in data centres, telecoms, oil & gas, and utility markets are available. Lithium-ion UPS batteries for data centres are incredibly safe and reliable. Our battery systems offer a wide range of energy and power combinations from 1 to 500 kWh and 10 kW to 2.3 MW.

Secure Power also offers Super Lithium Iron Phosphate (SLFP) proprietary technology. This technology can deliver superior performance compared to other lithium-ion UPS battery solutions. Remarkably adaptable and scalable in terms of power, operating voltage and backup time. The high-power system provides a highly dynamic charge and discharge capabilities, design life, and numerous performance advantages over VRLA lead-acid batteries. Typically three times more compact, six times lighter, and a cycle life that is ten times longer. Secure Power partners with Saft as a world-leading, cutting-edge battery technology manufacturer to deliver this product.

For customers looking to buy a Lithium-ion UPS battery solution representing the heights of innovation, flexibility and efficiency, Secure Power is the trusted partner of choice.

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