Health Check

A complete power check of a UPS infrastructure.

Health check

Many companies do not appreciate the importance of their critical power systems (such as UPS and Generators) until they find themselves with no mains power available. But how can you be certain that your backup power solution will function correctly in the event of a disruption to your utility mains supply?

UPS and Generators require regular servicing to ensure that they are prepared to protect your business from any power anomalies you may face. If equipment is not continually maintained it’s possible there could be underlying issues with its condition, such as end of life components, that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.  If your UPS and generator aren’t up to the task, and your power fails, this could be very costly to your business.  Unplanned downtime for most organisations can result in a loss of sales, loss of productivity and loss of data.

To help our customers avoid this potentially costly loss of business and data (especially important with new GDPR regulations), Secure Power offers our Health Check service, an in-depth assessment of your UPS and Generator to help bring peace of mind.

Our Health Check provides the following benefits:

  • Maintenance and servicing checks
  • Battery testing
  • Environmental and location checks (critical for prolonging battery life)
  • External bypass check
  • Visual inspections (internal and external)
  • Comprehensive Health Check report with qualified recommendations

If your UPS and Generator equipment is not serviced regularly, and you’re unsure of its condition, let our team of highly skilled engineers take a look at it for you.

Contact our maintenance team today to book your Health Check visit.

If your equipment does not get serviced as part of a maintenance agreement, why not speak to our team to find a service package that works for you?

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