Health Check

A complete power check of a UPS infrastructure.

Health Check

It’s not until a power cut that you realise the importance of your uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and generators. To avoid this potentially costly loss of business and data (especially important with the GDPR), Secure Power can provide a health check for your UPS equipment.

Our health check provides the following benefits:

• Maintenance and servicing check
• Battery testing & disposal
• Environmental check (critical for battery life) 
• External bypass check
• Visual inspections
• Full health check report with qualified recommendations

If your equipment hasn’t been serviced for a long time or isn’t under a maintenance agreement then a health check is a great way to start! Our UPS health check will help give you a better understanding of the state of your equipment, its overall condition and allow you to put in place measures to avoid disruption in the future.

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