Providing temporary generator hire to account for sustained mains power loss whether it be in response to an unexpected power disruption or part of a planned schedule of works.

Generator Hire

Here at SecurePower, we can offer our clients a broad range of generator rental packages. With our unique portfolio, you can rest assured that the temporary generator solution we put in place is suitable and tailored to your exact needs. This includes all associated power infrastructure to make the generator functional, including connection points and any necessary switchgear (including ATS’s for example). 

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The length of the rental term is flexible, so you aren’t fixed or obligated to a longer than necessary rental period. Your dedicated account manager will be on hand every step of the way to communicate the whole process to you. From delivery of the rental set and installation, right through to the decommissioning and removal, we are there to ensure an effortless transition. We are even able to offer temporary maintenance packages for the generator hire solutions we provide. 

Often the most important element of a temporary generator solution is that the project has to be delivered to strict requirements and timescales. At SecurePower, we have many years’ experience in providing hired generators and understand the importance of fast and effective project management. Using our diverse range of temporary generators, we are confident in supplying and ensuring that there is always a solution to your power requirements, no matter the time constraints. 

"Secure Power ensure your critical power solution is always ready"

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Regular maintenance of your generator is critical in ensuring it reliable operation. As part of our Generator maintenance packages we undertake all aspects of ensuring efficient reliable operation.

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