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Generator Connection Points

Generator connection points

What Are Generator Connection Points?

Generator connection points are widely used across many industries to support critical applications such as hospitals, schools, airports, banks and other commercial facilities. The generator connection point can also be installed in multiple locations across larger sites to utilise one or a few temporary generators

A generator connection point is a great way to ensure a fast and reliable connection to a temporary generator source. The connection point allows you to facilitate temporary power to do load bank testing, electrical maintenance works or electrical remedial works. They can be fitted internally or externally to your premises to allow you to support an entire building or a specific distribution board.

It’s fundamental to have adequate electrical protection when applying a generator to your system and have the correct form of switching in place. We can advise on the correct solution and the sizing of connection points for your back-up generator. Secure Power will ensure that it is working safely & efficiently to reduce downtime. Our electrical engineers can assist with any requirement for all business types, whether it be for a small office solution to a large manufacturing plant or hospital.


Key Benefits


    Free site survey for Generator connection point requirements


    Fast & reliable connection for your temporary Generator


    Cost effective option against a permanent Generator


    Cost effective option against a permanent generator


    Contingency plan against power loss


    Reduces potential downtime


    Multiple connection points can be installed


    Perfect for maintenance and load bank testing


    Designed and tested to UL standards


Providing resilient power protection strategies for over 10 years.

Secure Power is a single point of contact for all aspects of critical power infrastructure.

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