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Fuel Management

Effective, reliable fuel management is essential to keeping generators operating.

Secure Power provides an exceptional fuel management service that includes a 24/7 emergency fuel delivery service. The fuel management service is typically used with a temporary generator requirement; however, this service can be utilised within a maintenance contract as a ‘bolt-on’. Various customers also use the 24/7 support service for emergency scenarios should they require any urgent fuel assistance.

Key Benefits:

  •  Our experts can calculate fuel requirements based on your usage and schedule deliveries to match. 24/7 fuel emergency service We only provide high quality fuel, free from contaminants
  •  24/7 fuel emergency service
  •  We only provide high-quality fuel, free from contaminants
  •  Offer a wide range of fuel tanks to maximise efficiency
  •  Using our professional team reduces the risk of spillages
  •  Cost-effective
  •  Reliable service
  •  Delivery scheduling available



Secure Power offer Generator Refuelling Services for all Standby and Emergency Generators. Generators include fuel tanks which will utilise Diesel as a means of providing power. As generators burn fuel over time, refuelling services will be required to ensure the fuel tank is topped up with Diesel from time to time.

Secure Power can provide annual or one-off Generator Refuelling Services which will help to guarantee fuel is available when you need it. Our team of experts can prepare a generator refuelling strategy to suit your needs and provide scheduled deliveries to keep your site powered. With coverage UK wide, we can guarantee supply of Generator Refuelling to your site at all times, 24/7.

Rapid response times are also available for emergency situations – however entering into a contract agreement with a SLA will guarantee you receive Diesel within an agreed timeframe.


Fuel Polishing

If fuel has been stored and unused for a significant period of time, water and harmful particles can contaminate the fuel supply system and potentially cause engine problems. In the past, replacing this fuel was the preferred way to rid your generator of contaminated fuel, however, with advances in Fuel Polishing Services, a cost-effective alternative is available to ensure your fuel is in excellent condition, ready for usage.

Secure Power Ltd offers Fuel Polishing Services which ready your fuel for usage, avoiding premature engine, injectors or fuel pumps from becoming blocked or damaged. Fuel Polishing allows sites to continue operating with generator provision, without the costly fee to replace old and harmful Diesel.

In most circumstances, Diesel contains around 93% petrochemical diesel and approximately 7% biodiesel since around 2011. While biodiesel reduces the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels, this substance contains and attracts water. Biodiesel, for its environmental benefits, acts as a catalyst for premature deterioration. Diesel stored under normal conditions can deteriorate to an unusable level as quickly as 12 months after initial supply. Secure Power’s Fuel Polishing Service is kind to the environment with the additional benefit of being extremely quick – usually, once the service has begun, completion will be within 1 hour.

Contact Secure Power today to see how our Fuel Polishing Service could work for you.


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