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Secure Power continue to work in partnership with the UK's leading rack-mounted fire suppression manufacturer, Redetec.
Secure Power supply, install, maintain and commission the trusted fire suppression solution.

Fire Suppression

The Redetec product offering is a 19″ rack-based fire suppression system designed for the IT and Telecoms market. The technology is equally applicable for all other industry sectors that manage critical infrastructure within a 19” cabinet, such as oil & gas, marine, aerospace and defence. The primary advantage lies in its ability to deliver rapid-fire protection from within the equipment racks, where the potential loss of high-value assets is at its greatest.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Modular
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • The ability to create bespoke solutions
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Only 2U space required

Providing complete UPS solutions for over 10 years.

Secure Power is your single point of contact for all aspects of your critical power needs.



Battery Impedance Testing

Regular impedance testing of batteries is an industry recommended and proven method of preventing critical battery failure. This is done by proactively identifying weaknesses and signs of deterioration in battery cells.

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UPS Health Check

UPS and generators require regular servicing to ensure that they are prepared to protect your business from any power anomalies. We provide comprehensive UPS health checks for all UPS solutions, ensuring confidence where you need it most.

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UPS Maintenance

For over 10 years, Secure Power has successfully delivered a comprehensive range of uninterruptible power supply maintenance support plans to small, mid-market, and enterprise organisations. Our dedicated teams of engineers are highly trained across a wide range of manufacturers.

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Load Bank Testing

A load bank test is a method used to prove that backup power systems, such as UPS and generators, operate as they should under load conditions and that they function to the required design parameters.

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