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Emergency Lighting UPS Solutions

Secure Power can provide solutions for emergency lighting and all life safety equipment

Secure Power can provide solutions for emergency lighting and all life safety equipment

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are essential to ensure that facilities have enough illumination in the event of any loss of power. UPS systems are widely used to support emergency lighting and other life safety applications including sprinkler systems and evacuation lifts but must comply with BS EN 50171. By law, all life safety systems must be supported by a contiuous emergency power source, where emergency lighting must have at least three hours of backup power. Many facilities opt to include both a UPS system and a central battery system (CBS) to achieve a secondary emergency power supply.

All life safety applications such as emergency lighting and illuminated signs must have a guaranteed power supply in the event of a mains failure. This continuous backup power provision is supplied via a UPS solution, which is required to comply with BS EN 50171. Some environments adopt a Central Power Supply System (CPSS) or CBS to be installed alongside an emergency lighting UPS unit, this must adhere to international safety standard IEC/EN 62040. Emergency lighting UPS solutions have been engineered specifically to manage high inrush currents and include inverters which can handle 120% of the load requirement for the duration.

Find our more about the regulations surrounding UPS solutions for emergency lighting and other life safety applications here

Secure Power Emergency Lighting Backup Power Solutions

Secure Power has vast experience in providing uninterruptible power solutions for emergency lighting systems and other life safety applications. We are fully knowledgeable on the regulations and work closely with facility managers to ensure that their power protection strategies are compliant with the latest government regulations. These include IEC 62035, BS 5266-1, EN 60598-1 and BS EN 50091.

Benefits of uninterrupted power supply systems for emergency lighting

  • Compliant UPS systems and central battery systems
  • Static inverter solutions
  • Extended runtimes to meet maxiumum requirements
  • Effiecient backup power solutions

Secure Power works with internationally acclaimed suppliers of UPS systems to provide tailormade or turnkey energy efficient solutions for backup power management.

24/7 Technical Support

You can call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our 24/7 support service is a simple, flexible solution to meet the needs of any size company. Giving you complete peace of mind that your business is continuously protected in and out of standard business hours. Unlike our competitors, we don’t outsource our support. By giving you access to our dedicated UPS (uninterruptible power supply) specialists, no matter when you call your enquiry will be dealt with immediately by an experienced member of staff.

Multi-vendor Support

We want the right vendor for you. Unbiased multi-vendor support allows us to provide you with greater capability to provide the right solution for your needs. Doing this also avoids potential single vendor lock-in, which can potentially work more for the vendor than you as the customer as well as us as your service provider.

Flexible Payment Plans

Making premium support obtainable without creating financial concerns. Flexible payment plans are a hassle-free way to spread maintenance costs over monthly instalments, completely interest-free. Furthermore, to reward loyal customers, we offer an extensive discount on 36-60 month deals, which are impossible to turn down.

Ask a Secure Power Expert...
Our team of specialists have years of experience in the field and are on hand to discuss all aspects of delivering resillient backup power strategies tailored for any environment. 

Emergency Lighting and Life Safety Backup Power Solutions

Socomec centralised battery solutions (CBS)

The Socomec ITYS EM+ and Masterys EM+ central power supply solutions offer flexible autonomy and limitless configurations. Engineered exclusively for emergency lighting and life safety applications the Socomec CBS solutions meet EN 50171  compliance regulations are able to withstand 120% of the nominal load during the entire backup period.

Schneider Easy UPS 

The Schneider Easy UPS 3S and 3M 10 – 200kVA series are ideal emergency lighting backup power solutions. Compliant with EN 50171 users can be reassured that they are not only meeting industry regulations but are also achieving resilient backup power. These CBS solutions can be paralleled for additional capacity and redundancy requirements.

Riello CSS CBM Central Power Supply

The CSS CBM Central Power Supply (CPS) (CBS) offering from Riello includes solutions from its Sentinel, Sentryum, Multi Sentry and Master ranges, which are all compliant with EN 50171 and designed for use in emergency and life safety applications. Engineered to support continuous overload at 120% and high interference contacts these Riello CPS solutions are highly resilient.

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