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Containerised UPS Solutions

Secure Power provides custom built, flexible containerised UPS solutions available for short or long term hire

A containerised UPS solution is a compact, effective way to provide backup power that is secure, robust and easily scalable. The solution itself can be built to meet any on-site power requirements. The container size can vary from 10-40ft and can include integrated ATS, bypass, air conditioning, power monitoring, modular UPS and fire suppression. We work closely with our clients to design, configure and deliver custom containerised backup power solutions. This can be deployed within a matter of weeks and are ideal for environments where space is limited and for those that require a temporary emergency power solution. 

Features and Benefits Of A Containerised UPS Solution:

  •  Each solution can include high-quality UPS systems, batteries and bypass switches 
  •  The environment is air conditioned to maximise battery lifespan and operating performance
  •  Delivered fully assembled which reduces installation time
  •  The container can be used as a temporary backup power solution
  •  Secure Power manages all logistics and ensures rapid deployment
  •  Containerised UPS solutions are easily scalable
  •  A cost-effective option to achieve flexible power protection strategies
  •  All containerised UPS solutions are lockable and secure
  •  Integrated ATS and UPS bypass systems can be included as standard


Secure Power provides high-quality containerised UPS solutions for various applications, from design and manufacture to delivery and installation. Containerised UPS solutions have grown in popularity over the years as they are becoming more widely recognised as an emergency and temporary backup power solutions. They are typically found supporting construction works, and 'pop-up' facilities and are being used more often within the healthcare market. Secure Power can provide quick and easy deployment of any size containerised UPS solution. Our expert team of engineers will ensure that the solution provided is 100% fit for purpose and can be supported by the environment in which it is placed. 

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