Secure Powers offers consultancy, design and planning services to help you achieve lower cost of ownership, power optimisation and overall future savings.

Consultancy Services

At Secure Power, we understand that implementing the correct UPS and Generator systems for your site is vitalChoosing the correct power solution for your specific requirements is more than often the key to achieving a lower cost of ownership, power optimisation and overall future savings via better power efficiency. Our consultancy, design and planning services will help you achieve just that. 

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We offer a holistic approach to guarantee this. The consultancy service will begin with one of our knowledgeable power industry specialists being assigned to your specific requirements, who will contact you via telephone or face-to-face to discuss and understand your needs in greater detail. A site survey will likely be arranged to appreciate better the works that need to be undertaken. 

Following this, the consultant will then guide you through the rest of the experience. We will put forward a comprehensive and transparent proposal for your consideration. The proposal will be bespoke, custom fit and tailored to your exact needs. It will be thorough and include every detail, from delivery of the equipment, positioning, and logistics right through to installation, commissioning, project handover, staff training, and system maintenance. 

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The benefits of the consultancy service is that at every stageyour assigned industry professional will be present to offer impartial expert-advice and clarify any queries you may have, thus making the entire experience for you or your client simple, straightforward and uncomplicated. 

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If your equipment does not get serviced as part of a maintenance agreement, why not speak to our team to find a service package that works for you?

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