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Transport for Greater Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is a local government body responsible for coordinating transport services throughout Greater Manchester. The organisation owns and provides infrastructure and services for Manchester Metrolink, rail services, buses, cycling routes, cycling hubs, traffic lights, and much more.

TfGM collects statistics and real-time data to improve traffic flow, primarily through the optimisation of traffic signals. Due to Greater Manchester and surrounding areas’ active traffic management, the organisation needs to be protected from any power cuts or electronic disturbances.

Scania engine
UPS and Batteries

Alium Medical

Alium Medical has a reliable and robust pharmaceutical distributor reputation, with over 30 strong direct UK manufacturer relationships and a worldwide network of validated suppliers.

Alium Medical approached Secure Power as they needed an expert’s assistance for finding a back-up solution their walk-in fridge freezer. If ever the mains power got cut to the building, Alium medical could be at serious risk of losing thousands of pounds worth of medical supplies due to a temperature drop of the walk-in freezer where medical supplies are stored.


Secure Power was asked through one of our IT resellers to assist a medical supplies company based in Halifax with the supply of a diesel generator set. We provided a free site survey from which we determined that the customer occupies 5 of the 6 units on the business estate. 

We performed load measurements and ascertained that a 60kVA Prime-Rated Diesel Generator would provide the standby power needed to supply the entire warehouse and the office area and server room with 8-hours backup on a single tank of diesel fuel. 

Crane lifting generator
Teacher and child in primary school

Hunslet Moor Primary School

Secure Power was contacted by Quartzelec who were looking for a critical power solution that would meet their client’s requirements. The end-customer of the project was Hunslet Moor Primary School based in Leeds.

Quartzelec is an independent organisation who employs 650 people, has a turnover of £68 million, and is seen as one of the largest electrical contractors who work with both private and public sectors in the United Kingdom. With over 100 years’ experience and expertise in contracts, the organisation is now seen as an engineering authority in industrial, commercial, electrical and mechanical contracting.

National Tube Stockholder

National Tube Stockholder is based in North Yorkshire and is the market leader of hot finished structural hollow sections. The company has almost 30 years of experience in stockholding, logistics, and in-house processing of hollow sections in the UK. Secure Power provided the first critical power solution to one of National Tube Stockholders’ several sites in 2017.

National Tube installation
Rotherham Council

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is responsible for providing a range of services such as social care, housing, licensing, community safety, green spaces, education, leisure, transport, motorway, and many more. Because the Council is responsible for a range of vital services for people, communities, and businesses, any power disturbances could be devastating for the organisation and its stakeholders. As such, it’s vital for the organisation to have constant clean power to its critical equipment and for it to be maintained.

H E Barnes

As a leading electrical, mechanical and facilities management supplier – H E Barnes delivers efficient, innovative and reliable services across the UK. Helping businesses across the UK to bring their projects to life, they must have the right resources behind them to support their strong service. As an existing client of ours, H E Barnes knew the value of the service they receive from our sales and projects team, which is why they approached us to help with their latest job.

Power Secured H E Barnes 01
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