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Business Support Notification

Business Support Notification

The current health and economic situation across the world is uncertain and unclear. When markets are uncertain the economy takes a fall, this affects us all in business and our everyday lives. Increased pressures on staff resource, staff wellbeing, productivity and access to imported goods means negative financial implications are highly likely. To help, Secure Power would like to set out a few options to reduce any financial pressure, or to plan ahead in this uncertain time.


Managed Service Option

Secure Power offers a monthly billing package to manage a complete infrastructure project, including maintenance at a fixed monthly cost. This changes a large capital expenditure to a forecastable, lower-cost operational expenditure. This option will increase the amount of capital within the business and provide a forecastable business expense.


24/7 Technical Support

A basic 24/7 technical support package has been created at a reduced cost to support any business that does not currently have any UPS maintenance cover. This package is designed to offer each customer an extremely low-cost option. If a business is supporting remote working then the centralised IT equipment (servers, switches, storage, etc) is more important than ever. A power failure could create a huge problem, especially if the workforce is physically unavailable.


Warranty Extensions

If you currently have a UPS system that was purchased within the last 3 years, then paying for a warranty extension could be a great way to cover the UPS at a reduced cost vs replacement. This will keep your critical infrastructure costs down and provide basic cover.


Value Engineering

Our technical team can assist with a potential ‘value engineered’ solution to bring the cost down. It may be that an alternative product, configuration, runtime or software option cold save on cost. Secure Power often recommend valued engineered solutions but in challenging times the request is more common. We are happy to assist and provide free support on quotations.

Secure Power are fully committed to supporting all of our customers at this uncertain time.

If you would like any additional information on any of these products and services then please contact the team at [email protected]

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