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UPS Battery Technology

UPS Battery Technology

UPS battery technology has evolved dramatically over the years. Nowadays, the most commonly used battery technologies used for UPS systems are lead acid and usually VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) and lithium-ion. Selecting the right UPS battery technology depends on environment and application and there is no right or wrong choice. 

Secure Power has a team of qualified UPS battery engineers who not only carry out professional battery works but can also provide technical guidance on the best UPS battery technology to meet user requirements. 


Lead-acid UPS Batteries 

We provide VRLA UPS batteries from globally recognised battery manufacturers including Fiamm and Yuasa. Lead-acid batteries are widely known for their reliability and performance and are a cost effective UPS battery solution. 


Lithium-ion UPS Batteries 

Although a relatively new technology, lithium-ion battery solutions are not only proving to be reliable and efficient but are also becoming increasingly affordable. We have partnered with leading lithium-ion UPS battery specialists to provide the best in class UPS battery technology.


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