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UPS Battery Services

Secure Power offers a comprehensive range of UPS battery services, which are all delivered by our in-house team of specialist battery engineers

Working nationwide, 365 days a year, 24/7, we carry out all types of battery works from routine, preventative battery maintenance, battery replacements and disposals to UPS battery installations and impedance testing. 


Ensuring that UPS batteries are properly maintained is critical to the overall performance of a UPS solution. Damage and corrosion of batteries is one of the main causes of UPS failure. It is important to be mindful that all UPS batteries degrade over time and are likely to need replacing during the life of a UPS system. Our preventative maintenance strategies for UPS batteries include physical checks and inspections of batteries, battery terminals, cabinets and racks.
Continuous UPS battery monitoring is essential to ensuring the resileint performance of a backup power solution. Battery monitoring services from Secure Power will monitor the temperature, input and output voltages and analyse overall battery condition. Keeping a close eye on UPS batteries will help to identify any potential anomolies before they become costly problems, which will also help to preserve the life of UPS batteries.
Carrying out an impedance test on UPS batteries is an effective way to identify any weak battery cells or anomolies within a battery string. Secure Power offers first class impedance testing, which can indidcate degradation or reduced battery capacity. Including battery impedance testing as part of a routine UPS maintenance programme will not only safeguard the backup power system but will also prevent any costly faults that may not have been identified until it is too late.
UPS batteries contain toxic chemicals and must be disposed of safely and securely. Secure Power is a registered waste carrier and adheres with hazardous waste regulations set out by the WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) authority. It is important to dispose of UPS batteries in a safe and environmentally friendly way. We are committed to supporting our clients with sustainable solutions and our approach to battery recycling is just one of the services we provide.


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