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UPS Battery Replacement

Secure Power's UPS battery replacement services are all carried out by qualified, trained engineers

Batteries are one of the most important components of a UPS system. In line with manufacturers’ design life parameters, proactively replacing them is key in ensuring your backup power solution’s reliability when called upon. If a battery replacement is not scheduled ahead of time, your business could be subject to a catastrophic system failure if mains power is disrupted. This could cause a loss of data, time and productivity.


Preserving the Life of UPS Batteries

Secure Power partners with a wide range of leading battery manufacturers including CSB, Exide, Fiamm and Yuasa. With over 10 years of experience in all things UPS, rest assured that we can support your battery replacement needs. From smaller 5-year design life solutions for IT applications to much larger 10-year design life requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Battery Replacement

As well as recommending and supplying the required replacement battery kits, Secure Power also offer a comprehensive battery replacement service, including the removal and disposal of your existing batteries.

Our nationwide network of trained service engineers and project team is available to assist with all aspects of battery work, from initial site survey and design consultancy to subsequent battery replacement and ongoing maintenance/testing.


Providing resilient power protection strategies for over 10 years.

Secure Power is a single point of contact for all aspects of critical power infrastructure.

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