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Riello Multi Sentry (ST) UPS

Multi Sentry (MST) is a transformer-free UPS designed to handle capacitive loads without any reduction in active power, making it an ideal choice to protect your data centre or mission-critical telecommunications and IT networks.  

Delivers you exceptional online efficiency of 96.5% and near-unity power factor in one of the smallest footprints in its category. Easily increase your capacity or redundancy by paralleling up to 8 UPS in a single system. 

  • 96.5% operating efficiency (ONLINE mode) reduces energy waste
  • Parallel up to 8 UPS for extra capacity or redundancy
  • Suitable for space-restricted sites thanks to its compact footprint
  • Designed to handle non-linear loads so ideal for blade servers
  • Suitable for sites with limited power capacity or issues with harmonics

Riello NextEnergy (NXE) UPS

NextEnergy (NXE) is a super-efficient, transformer-free UPS designed to meet the power requirements of today and tomorrow. It minimises your energy consumption and CO² emissions while optimising your operating costs. 

Can operate with or without a neutral connection. Front to top ventilation eliminates rear clearance, enabling back-to-back installation. Top or bottom cable entry. Large, user-friendly LCD touchscreen display and control panel. 

  • 97% operating efficiency (ON LINE mode) reduces energy waste 
  • ACTIVE ECO reduces power consumption whilst avoiding power factor correction 
  • Parallel up to 8 UPS for extra capacity or redundancy
  • Efficiency Control Mode optimises efficiency in parallel installations 
  • Front to top ventilation enables space-saving back-to-back install

Riello Master HE (MHE) UPS

Master HE (MHE) combines maximum protection with exceptional efficiency in mission-critical applications such as data centres, electro-medical devices, telecoms networks and security systems. Can operate with or without a neutral connection. 

Delivers high-quality unity power (kW = kVA). Incorporates output isolation transformer to ensure galvanic isolation. Hot System Expansion means you can add units for extra capacity or redundancy without  the UPS to transferring to bypass.

Install as either a freestanding tower or 2U rackmount UPS. Simply plug and play, no complicated setup. Enhanced inverter delivers 0.9 power factor and 92% efficiency. Easy maintenance with hot-swappable batteries.  

  • 95.5% operating efficiency (ONLINE mode) reduces energy waste
  • Ideal for systems powered by generators or MV/LV transformers
  • Parallel up to 8 (distributed) or 7 (centralised) for extra capacity or redundancy
  • Efficiency Control System optimises efficiency in parallel installations
  • Ensures galvanic isolation
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