We have worked closely with Riello for over 10 years supplying, commissioning and maintaining Riello UPS systems. As a genuine accredited Riello partner our customers have peace of mind that they are receiving genuine parts, warranty and a first-class service.


Secure Power has been an authorised Riello partner for over a decade and has rapidly become the leading approved Riello service partner in the UK. Our own team of dedicated engineers have all been factory trained to the highest possible level and undergo regular training to ensure they are experienced with all new technologies and software updates.

As an authorised Riello service partner, Secure Power:

• Has a team of certified UPS engineers
• Has rapid access to recommended UPS spares
• Delivers industry leading response times
• Benefits from technical support from the manufacturer
• Offers guaranteed manufacturer extended warranty

The importance of working with an approved Riello service partner

An authorised Riello service partner will provide a service that is 100% indicative of the manufacturer. Those masquerading as approved service partners will not be able to offer the same level of technical knowledge or have access to the right UPS spares. Introducing non-recommended UPS parts can impact the performance of the UPS system and ultimately cause it to fail. In addition, working with non-authorised providers will invalidate warranties.

UPS engineer certification

As an authorised Riello service partner, our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of Riello UPS systems – this includes:

• Riello UPS commissioning
• Riello UPS maintenance
• Riello UPS service
• Riello UPS battery replacement
• Battery builds for Riello UPS solutions
• Riello UPS repair

Preventative UPS maintenance is critical to the overall performance of the emergency power solution and should only ever be carried out by qualified engineers. Cutting corners with non-authorised or approved service partners often results in costly consequences. Secure Power is proud to be a long standing authorised Riello service partner and our certified UPS engineers are well versed in the critical maintenance requirements of UPS solutions.

In addition to our Riello UPS service credentials, Secure Power is also an authorised Riello reseller and offers and extensive range of Riello UPS solutions and accessories

Secure Power takes enormous pride in its approach to working with its manufacturing partners and is committed to understanding the intricacies and specific roles that each and every component plays within a UPS. Not only this but our engineers are also highly experienced and knowledgeable of critical applications and sectors; from small home office devices and CCTV to comms rooms and large megawatt data centres, this combine focus means that Secure Power is able to offer unparalleled UPS lifetime performance.

For more information about our Riello UPS product portfolio or our Riello UPS commissioning and maintenance services please email

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