Salicru SPS 32A STS – 2U

Salicru SPS 32A STS – 2U

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SPS.32.STS: Redundancy in power supply sources

The Salicru SPS.32.STS is basically an automatic, single phase switch with two input AC lines, which uses two sine-wave power
supply sources to provide output voltage to load/s.
The SPS.32.STS is factory programmed with mains 1 as priority and mains 2 as reserve. Users can change this using the communication
software. Each time the SPS.32.STS is started, the system will start up with the criteria established the last time it was programmed.
It is possible to switch from mains 1 to mains 2 or vice versa using the BP2 pushbutton, and this change is recorded in the internal
memory. The power supply of the load/s is transferred from one mains to the other if the voltage and/or frequency of the priority source
is off-margins.
The LEDs on the control panel report the state of the equipment and operation at all times, and this panel is an easy-to-understand,
practical interface for any operator.

Weight 6 kg




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