Salicru SLC-200-CUBE3+ B1 (23′) UPS

Salicru SLC-200-CUBE3+ B1 (23′) UPS

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Salicru’s SLC CUBE3+ series is a UPS range featuring high-performance, On-line double conversion (VFI) technology that provides a reliable, high-quality power supply and, at the same time, achieves significant energy and financial savings in terms of installation and operating costs.

Particularly noteworthy is the unit’s input power factor (PF=1) and its extremely low distortion rate (THDi even lower than 1%), which help to reduce installation and operating costs, and contribute to improving the quality of the electrical grid.

The output power factor (PF=0.9) also stands out, providing optimum electrical protection for computer systems and low harmonic output distortion (THDv even lower than 0.5%), enabling it to protect any type of load (inductive, resistive, capacitive or mixed). In addition, the performance achieved (up to 95% in On-line mode and 98% in Smart Eco-mode) produces significant energy consumption savings and reduces air conditioning needs.

For a full optimum solution, the SLC CUBE3+ provides maximum adaptability (even with the standard model), the possibility of parallel redundant expansion and extensive communication options. Finally, also worth noting is the unit’s lightweight design and reduced dimensions, enabling it to be easily installed and ensuring that footprint is minimal.

Weight 550 kg
Hardwired Input

Hardwired Output



Input Frequency

Input Voltage Range

Communications Ports


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