Salicru SLC/10-ADAPT 40X UPS

Salicru SLC/10-ADAPT 40X UPS

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Salicru’s SLC ADAPT X series UPSs are on-line double-conversion modular solutions for superior electrical protection, featuring DSP control and three-level IGBT technology.

Modularity: The range of modules available -10, 15 and 25 kW- together with the different configurable systems -2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 modules per system- enables adaptation to any environment, with the option of paralleling systems to achieve greater protection or increased power. Preventative diagnosis and frontal extraction of the modules drastically reduces intervention times (MTTR) and increases the availability of the system.

Optimisation: High power density, 25 kW modules occupying only 2U of height require less space in data centres and reduce installation costs. Moreover, expenditure can be optimised by simply adding new modules in line with the pace of growth of the data centre.

Efficiency: The modules with a unity output power factor (kVA = kW) operate with an efficiency of 95-96% and a very flat performance curve for all working modes, resulting in less exertion when cooling and significant energy savings. They also feature various operating modes (Eco-mode, Hibernation, Smart-Efficiency, etc.), which further increase the performance and efficiency of the system.

Weight 41 kg

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