Salicru RACK BAT XPERT 4x62AB219 125/500A UPS


Salicru RACK BAT XPERT 4x62AB219 125/500A UPS

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Salicru’s SLC X-PERT series consists of three-phase UPSs that combine very low total cost of ownership (TCO) with very high efficiency and compact design, providing high-quality uninterruptible power for all critical applications. The technology incorporated offers one of the highest efficiencies on the market in VFI mode and 100% of expected battery life.

The SLC X-PERT series maximises the use of the surface occupied thanks to its high power density design. Models from 200 kVA have complete front access, precluding the need for side or rear space, making them easy to maintain and installable side by side, back to back or against a wall. The common battery option further enhances the ability of the SLC X-PERT series to deliver low footprint solutions, freeing space for other equipment.

Weight 8893 kg
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