Salicru BEM for SLC-3000 TWIN PRO2 B1 EBM

External battery module (EBM). Compatible with Salicru SLC TWIN PRO2 B1 3000VA UPS.

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On-line double-conversion UPS 700 VA to 3000 VA

Advanced on-line protection for sensitive and critical loads
SALICRU’s SLC TWIN PRO2 series is a UPS range in a tower format equipped with on-line double-conversion technology and the latest features to make it an advanced protection system for sensitive and critical loads. High output power factor (PF=0.9) to ensure availability to all types of loads.

Full control through status information via LCD display and keypad. And extensive monitoring and communication options via the built-in USB HID interface, an intelligent slot for SNMP cards or relays and a wide range of software packages available – free monitoring version downloadable for Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac and packages available for multi servers or virtualised systems. For facilities that require more back-up time, there is a possibility of backup extensions using UPSs with extra charger and additional battery modules. Also notable is the possibility of Eco-mode operation to improve the efficiency of the device, EPO (emergency power off) functions, operation as a frequency converter and built-in battery test.

SALICRU’s SLC TWIN PRO2 range is available in power ratings of 700, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 VA.

Weight 36.2 kg
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