The Secure Power knowledge base aims to give you the information you need to navigate the jargon and deliver straightforward advice around the terminology used within uninterruptible power systems.

Welcome to the Secure Power Knowledge base

The Devices and combinations of equipment used in creating an uninterruptable power solution are many and varied. Being able to confidently identify your requirements before selecting equipment to address those needs can be a daunting and challenging process. The options can be confusing without being familiar with the underlying technical principles and terminology used to describe them.

Secure Power are an established critical power specialist, and we aim to share our experience and expertise through the Secure Power Knowledge base. By empowering you with the information needed to better understand the options available to you we aim to provide clarity around power continuity. The knowledge base will introduce you to the terminology used to describe the functions and measurements involved in uninterruptible power supplies and their surrounding peripherals. Breaking terms down into individual ideas and using straightforward language will help you.


Not all UPS are created equal, they are characterised by the specification of their electrical characteristics. To understand the electrical properties and how they relate to the operation of a UPS is fundamental in creating a robust uninterruptible power solution.


Utility power isn’t always what it should be, the input of the UPS is where it is measured.


The output of the UPS is the most important aspect to consider when selecting your UPS. Understanding the terminology around UPS output will ensure you know you have the right solution for your requirements.


In this section, we will aim to learn more about the internal components of a UPS and its purpose in providing continual power. 


It doesn’t hurt to know a little more than is necessary so let’s learn a little about the internals of a UPS.

We hope that by using this knowledge base you will have a more efficient and rewarding experience choosing and discussing your chosen solution. To make this information more accessible we have broken down the areas in to group of information to help you find what you need to know as easily as possible.

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