Free UPS Audit

Secure Power are currently offering free UPS audits, helping to prevent the risk of failure.

Register Today for a Free Audit

Secure Power are an award-winning UPS & Generator specialist who understand that back-up power solutions are at the heart of your infrastructure. That is why we are offering free UPS audits to provide professional recommendations, enabling a proactive approach to power management.

Is your UPS;

  • Over 7 years old?
  • Showing faults or alarms?
  • Due for a battery change?

Or do you require;

  • A wrap-around bypass for your current UPS?
  • A new UPS due to an increase/decrease in load?
  • An engineer to survey a new project?

If so, please register for a free UPS audit. Anyone who registers will receive a discounted price on a temporary UPS in the event of a UPS failure. Don’t miss out and register today!

*The UPS must be over 5kVA to qualify *UK Mainland only *Lead time will be subject to engineer availability.

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